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Homeschool Connections

Homeschool Partnership Enrollment

A limited number of seats are available to homeschool families desiring to enroll their child in just one or two classes.  These seats depend on current enrollment and teacher load. Please text Mrs. Rasmussen for more information. 715.544.7502.

Rates: the rate for part-time homeschool families is $150 registration fee + $2.50 per hour.  This is due in advance of each quarter.

Classes:  Courses offered this year include

Saxon Math K - Algebra 1/2
Math-U-See Primer / Alpha
IEW Writing Levels P, A, B
IEW Grammar Levels 1, 2
Logic of English Language Arts
Christian-Based Literature Selections
Memoria Press Latin 
By Design Science
Social Studies
Physical Education

Field Trip Participation

Homeschool students ages 5-14 are invited to participate in field trips with us.  The cost is $10 plus whatever costs are associated with the trip, such as admission fees.  Students may bring a parent or be dropped off.  Contact Mrs. Rasmussen for more information on available field trips.  715.544.7502.

NWEA MAP Testing Information for School Year 22-23

Pine Mountain Christian School will offer MAP testing to interested families with students in grades K-10. NWEA MAP assessments measure your child's academic achievement compared to national norms and give you valuable information about your child's progress, areas of strengths and areas of weaknesses. They can help you decide whether your child is ready for advanced work or needs remediation. If you plan to later enroll your child in a co-op, private or public school, or online program, MAP tests help you understand whether your child is on track. Finally, MAP testing can help reassure you that your selected curriculum or program is effective.

Testing dates are anticipated to be as follows:

September 28, February 8, May 10  

The following tests are offered:
Grades K & 1: Reading, Math
Grade 2: Reading, Math, Language Usage
Grades 3-12: Reading, Math, Language Usage, Science

The cost per assessment is $10. Testing will occur at PMCS on Pine Mountain Road. Parents may drop off their students or wait in the hall until testing is completed. The fee includes the testing session as well as help with understanding the results and planning for your child's academic needs, if desired.

Fill out this form or text me at 715.544.7502 for more information or to register.

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